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Response to the Government’s report about tackling overprescribing

Norman Niven, a community pharmacist and chief executive of the Medication Support Company, said

“When patients are first referred to us we often find medicines hoarded throughout their homes, including discontinued medicines that are prescribed on repeat prescriptions.

“Research shows that only 55% of patients take their medicines as prescribed. It is, without doubt, the biggest threat to ensuring a sustainable health and care service.

“However, the biggest losers are patients themselves who are often confused when a lot of medicines are unnecessarily prescribed.

“Tackling overprescribing will improve people’s quality of life, reduce risk and save resources.”

For more information: Government pledges to reduce overprescribing of medicines – GOV.UK (

Waste Meds
Waste Meds
Waste meds

These are genuine examples of what we see frequently. Including over-prescription, bags of un-opened medication, medication removed from the packaging and mixed with others. The medication you see in the in the photos was removed for patient safety.

Service Users taking their medication correctly

National average 0
Using PAMAN 0

97% now take their medicines correctly, compared to the national average of 55%. This means better health outcomes, improved safety, fewer hospital admissions and reduced medicine wastage.


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