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Winner of NHS in the North – Excellence in Supply Award 2021

Regional Winner of Great British Care Awards 2021

and proud to be finalists of the following awards in 2020-21

The most advanced medication management service available

The Medication Support Company, led by former BUPA director and developer of two market-leading medication management products, NOMAD and Biodose, has launched what is believed to be the first internet-based, remote medication administration monitoring service – PAMAN.

Winner of The NHS in the North, Excellence in Supply Award 2021, Innovation – Improving safety and efficiency through remote medicines management

Regional Winner of Great British Care Awards 2021 – The Care Innovator Award for the North West region

  • Finalist for HSJ Healthtech Partnership of the Year
  • Finalist for Patient Safety Award – Best use of Technology
  • Finalist for Business Leader Go:Tech Awards 2020-21
inner of The NHS in the North, Excellence in Supply Award 2021

The first remote medication administration monitoring system in the World

The future of medication management, PAMAN is a remotely operated medication administration and management monitoring and support service

Designed to ensure service users and patients take the correct medication at the right time, in the right dose, the service is staffed by pharmacists and registered pharmacy technicians who interact with the service users, through a video-audio hub, MediHub

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Pioneering Approach to Medication AdministratioN

Observation is the only certain way of ensuring the service user takes their medication correctly

Having designed and developed the two leading medication management systems, it is a fact that the only way to ensure a service user takes their medication correctly, is to observe them and to be able to intervene if a problem arises

The PAMAN service recognises the importance of the community pharmacy and works very closely with them through the Local Pharmaceutical Committee.

The PAMAN team of pharmacy professionals use the most up to date patient medication information, provided by community pharmacies in the form of medication administration record(MAR)charts

PAMAN monthly services provided for each patient

All of the below plus 4G WIFI dongle and monitoring for around £6.50 per day

Medication review and advice

  • Medication review, patient assessment and medication issues resolution
  • Advice on medication is provided to each patient

Monitoring of patient medication administration

  • Implementation of Medihub for patient with comprehensive training and advice
  • Monitoring of patient medication administration at agreed times of the day
  • Provision of up to date MAR charts by supplying community pharmacy
  • Monitoring of patient medication administration includes ensuring the correct medication is being taken (refers to MAR chart); the indicated medication is shown to the monitor to ensure both medications has been dispensed correctly and so being taken is correct
  • Medication administered is recorded on the PAMAN interactive MAR chart, which can be made available to designated healthcare professionals

Monitoring Insulin administration

  • Insulin administration is monitored by PAMSAN monitors, using the insulin pen device
  • The patient’s blood sugar will be checked at least 4 times per day using a glucometer provided for the patient
  • The glucometer readings will be recorded and compared with the designated range required by the GP
  • The blood sugar readings may require titration of insulin dosage, after discussion with GP
  • The patient will be able to discuss current diet with the PAMAN monitor to ensure it is compatible with the insulin dosage

Monitoring Inhalers: usage, technique and training

  • The PAMAN monitors will monitor the usage of inhalers by patients, who will often have COPD
  • The monitors will assess the patient’s inhaler usage to ensure that the technique is allowing maximum benefit from the active drug in the inhaler
  • The monitor will, where necessary, train the patient to use the inhaler more effectively
  • All patients will be encouraged to drink water at each administration time to ensure a good level of hydration

Prescription management and ordering

  • Repeat prescription request forms will be managed for the patient, ensuring that the request form reaches the GP surgery, the medication prescribed, and the medicines dispensed and delivered to the patient at least two days before the next cycle starts
  • The PAMAN monitors will ensure all discontinued medicines are NOT prescribed by the GP and that where stocks of nutritional supplements are adequate, new supplies are not prescribed
  • The PAMAN monitors will ensure that colostomy products, where they are used, are not prescribed on the repeat prescription when stocks are sufficient

Service available 8am to 10pm

  • Patients with Parkinson’s and who require up to 8 medication administration times per day, will be able to take advantage of PAMAN’s extended hours from 8:00am to 10:00pm instead of 8:00pm

Regular reports and feedback

  • Key performance indicators, agreed with the commissioning body at the outset, will be provided monthly to assess financial savings and health outcomes
  • Ongoing patient feedback for the PAMAN service will be provided monthly
  • PAMAN Special services are being developed to provide individual support for patients with more complex needs

Additional services:

REMLOK Remotely Operated Medicine Cabinet

Remlok Remotely Operated Medicine Cabinet
The PAMAN team open the REMLOK cabinet at the agreed time, monitor the removal of medicines from the cabinet, monitor the medicine administration, replacement of the medicines into the cabinet and monitor the cabinet being closed and locked.

  • patients who forget that they have taken their medicines and take further tablets between doses
  • Methadone users who must otherwise attend the local pharmacy daily
  • patients who live in community dwellings or who co-habit and where medicine storage is a problem

Patent pending: GB2106147.8

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