Remotely Operated Medicine Cabinet

REMLOK Remotely Operated Medicine Cabinet
Connected by wifi
Cabinet is unlocked for the patient from the phone app
The Remlok Cabinet is opened and monitored from the app. Open and locking times are logged.
Together with our PAMAN service we monitor the removal and replacement of medication into the cabinet.

The PAMAN team open the REMLOK cabinet at the agreed time, monitor the removal of medicines from the cabinet, monitor the medicine administration, replacement of the medicines into the cabinet and monitor the cabinet being closed and locked.

The team at the Medication Support Company can provide the REMLOK cabinet as part of the current PAMAN service package being offered by Liverpool and Knowsley councils.

Patent pending: GB2106147.8

Developed for patients who forget that they have taken their medicines at their normal administration time and take further tablets between doses

Developed for patients who may want to self-harm by taking more tablets than their prescribed dose

Developed for Methadone users who must attend the local pharmacy daily for their dose of Methadone

Developed for patients who live in community dwellings or who co-habit and where medicine storage is a problem

Developed for patients who have mental health issues and live in community housing

Developed for patients with mental health issues who require carers to provide access to medicines in locked cupboards

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