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About Paman

PAMAN is the first remote medication administration monitoring system available.

Watch a live demonstration of how PAMAN works, recorded @Sensor City, Liverpool

PAMAN is a remote monitoring system that allows qualified pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to observe patients taking their medications at home using an internet-enabled audio/video Medihub.

The Medihub uses standard broadband or mobile 4G or 5G (where available) to connect with the PAMAN monitoring centre at the Medication Support head office.

PAMAN is being piloted by Liverpool City Council as part of the DCMS WAVE 2 5G Testbed within a redevelopment area of Liverpool called Kensington. Whilst PAMAN does not require 5G to operate (it works just as well with standard broadband or 4G) the possibility of a 5G connection promises faster internet speeds and reduced lag times.

How it works

Remote monitoring by pharmacists

How Paman works

Remote monitoring of medications by pharmacists

PAMAN uses a video-audio Medihub in the patient’s home, linked via the internet to our monitoring centre staffed by pharmacy technicians and a supervising pharmacist.

PAMAN reduces medication errors, improves the safety of medication administration and reduces costs substantially

Recording Medication

Our monitoring centre observes the patient taking their medication. We check that the dispensed medication is taken correctly using a specially developed interactive medication administration record (MAR) chart which lists all medication prescribed to the patient and is provided to us by the patient’s pharmacy. This acts as a comprehensive guide for the observing pharmacists or pharmacy technician, thus ensuring that the medication being taken by the patient is correct and is taken in the correct dosage at the designated time.

Checking Repeat Prescriptions

In order to ensure that the correct medicines are prescribed each month when repeat prescriptions are sent to the GP surgery, a unique new app has been developed called OVERLAY ® which uses AI to compare prescriptions from the previous month. This app will also compare MAR charts with the previous month’s charts and has been designed to highlight errors in prescribing from repeat prescription forms.
Due to difficulties caused by the COVID 19 pandemic, the Overlay app’s introduction has been delayed and is not currently available
Answer the call

We call the Medihub
Think of the Medihub as a video phone. Our Paman team will call the Medihub when the Service User needs to take their medicines. We have a list of the medication the Service User needs to take and when they take it and will call at a pre-arranged time when the medication is due.

Answer a call
When the Medihub rings, simply press the button to answer the call and start the video and voice link. We will be able to see and hear the Service User and will support them in taking their medications during the call ensuring that the medication is correct and taken in the correct dosage and that no medications are missed.

End the call by pressing the silver button on top of the Medihub. The video and voice link will switch off immediately. The Medihub is under your control.
Our Paman team records which medications have been taken, and that’s it until the next time you need to take your medicines.

Joan and Kizzy demonstrate a typical call – it really is simple

Benefits of Paman

Helping individuals and their families, helping Carers and Commissioners

Benefits all

In the home

  • Greater independence, no more waiting around for carers
  • No more missed medication, better health
  • Friendly call each day
  • Medication advice if needed

For Family

  • Peace of mind that the health of your family member is being monitored
  • Knowledge that your family member is getting a regular calls every day.

For Carers

  • Removes the responsibility of managing medication
  • Removes the pressure of time critical appointments for meds
  • Confidence that a Pharmacist is calling daily
  • Frees up time to get all those other tasks done

For Commissioners

  • Reducing cost of delivering medication
  • Increase of medication adherence, less medication issues
  • Helps keep people out of hospital
  • Frees up staff for deployment in other critical roles


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November 19, 2021

Regional Winner – Great British Care Awards 2021

PAMAN awarded Regional Winner Great British Care Awards PAMAN has been awarded Winner of The Care Innovator Award for the North West region in this year’s…

About Us

Developing new and innovative

medication management services

About us

Create capacity & improve patient outcomes with The Medication Support Company’s digital health and care remote monitoring technology

The Medication Support Company is a digital health and care provider working with community  organisations to digitise medication management in care.

We enable organisations to deliver more and better care in the community by developing new and innovative medication management services, using the latest technology-based products. At the heart of what we do, is our approach to solving problems by challenging current practices and providing disruptive change to service delivery.

We bring over thirty years of innovation and experience to creating new products and services designed to tackle some of the most intractable problems in health and care delivery.

Driven by a serial innovator Norman Niven, we have proven our capability to deliver products and services in the field of medication management that have revolutionized the way medicines are administered and recorded.


In early 2018, Liverpool City Council  commissioned Norman Niven to develop a new technology-based service to manage medication administration monitoring more safely and in a more sustainable way.

In September 2018, the PAMAN system was  presented to an appreciative and impressed   commissioner of adult services, Ann Williams.

The PAMAN system, is the latest innovative product to be designed and developed by Norman Niven and the first that incorporates the very latest technology for remote monitoring.

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